I keep my Excalibur Dehydrator (link is to a more up-to-date digital model) on a shelf and this means that I cannot see the temperature setting legend printed around the temperature setting knob. The temperatures are printed on the top of the dehydrator. I own the older analog version with knobs rather than digital controls and I have used it regularly for some years.

quick fix

A quick but functional 3d print allows me to:

  1. View the temperature setting from the front rather than above.
  2. Set the temperature in Centigrade rather than Fahrenheit.

I decided that 8 temperatures would cover most of what I need and that the text for that would fit around the knob.

Design iterations for the temperature knob.

  • Design in FreeCAD.
  • Slice in PrusaSlicer.
  • Print on one of my Prusa i3Mk3S (Prusa A in this case), 0.6 mm nozzle (for speed: 1 hr 02 minutes), textured sheet, PLA for prototyping, 19 grams filament.


  • Large text.
  • Minimal text to be functional.
  • Visible from front of dehydrator.
  • Fits over existing knob without modification.
  • Fits so that it sits above the dehydrator body and will not damage printed temperature legend.
  • Numerals cut through sides so as to appear dark and contrast with knob colour (provided we don't print in black of course!).

Temperature knob in use on the dehydrator.